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The Gym is a spacious and cool environment with natural light and views across the playing fields and countryside. Combine this fantastic outlook with Fitlinxx, a unique computerised gym programming system, and you have the perfect place for your workout.

Gym Induction

Before you use the gym, you will need an induction (included as part of a membership package):

1 Hour Gym Induction (For the Gym Novice)

Following a short health screening, one of our health & fitness advisors will create an effective gym and activity workout for you based on your health and fitness goals, aspirations and current fitness levels to give you a motivating yet challenging workout.

15 Minute Fast Track Gym Induction

This is for experienced gym users who want to start using the gym immediately. Simply complete a short health screening with one of our fitness advisors and then you can use the gym.

Programme Reviews

Available at any time if you require assistance, fancy a change to your routine or want to learn some new exercises to ensure you meet and exceed your goals.


At Pelhams Park Leisure Centre we use Fitlinxx which is a way of recording your fitness progress. Fitlinxx ensures that you can check your fitness progress online, which can keep you motivated and get the most from each workout. Our Health & Fitness Advisors are also on hand to offer any advice or support you may need whilst you train.

Each machine in the Gym recognises you when you get on or go to use it by your unique PIN. It then adjusts elements of the equipment according to your specific settings and then it records what you're doing and how you're doing it. If you need it, it will also provide hints on how to improve your technique as you go, ensuring each push or pull, step or run is doing what you want it to.

You can access your information and progress through the website where you can see how you're doing, send and receive messages with the fitness team at the club, pick up articles and helpful advice from other fitness experts.

If you have any comments or suggestions about our Gym please email Claire Ford (Senior Health & Fitness Advisor).